1. Which band is more popular? I find them both equally popular, but people prefer one over the other…i wonder why….<3

  2. I’m thinking to get a license to be a marijuana caregiver and I want to know a few things before I step in. I know how to grow marijuana, and have a few patience interested in. Are there any processing fee or tax fee to have patients? Please help me understand the fees I need to start this business.
    Thank you,

  3. Stevalicious on

    This question really needs no details, alcohol is basically poison, it can kill you, it impairs your ability to do anything except be drunk, loud, and annoying. I’m not advocating prohibition but I don’t get why weed isn’t legal as well if alcohol is permitted to take thousands of lives every year.
    My answer is becuz Nixon and Reagan were assholes, but that’s not a good enuf answer I know
    Answering one response, ppl drink and smoke becuz it makes you feel different, I woulda said good but it doesn’t always, people like the feelings they get from chemical makeup in their bodies changing, example : sex, anything that gives adrenaline rush, etc etc. And this country was built on tobacco and hemp, I still blame nixon and reagan, they suck, bush Sr as well, all three are douche bags

  4. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior on

    hey.. so for my homework i have to find the percentage of commercial time for a show
    The show is E! News
    Total Amount of Time Show Was On – 30 minutes
    Total amount of time for commercials – 7 mins 32

    please help me find the percentage that the commercials were on
    ill give you 10 points, THANKS!!

    P.S- is it possibly 21.96 or 24.4%???

  5. Stevalicious on

    im just wondering, how someone can get medical marijuana? i know you have to be sick of some sort but then what happens? your sick and you go to the docters, you ask them for it or what?? also, what states is medical marijuana legal? and what sicknesses apply for a person to get medical marijuana?
    o crap, i didnt know it was this hard to get it! ive been watching a lot of tv and the media makes it look like you can tell your docter you’re depressed and then just buy it from a store.
    i was watching comedy central and weeds.

  6. Here is what I have

    Wii Console + Sports + Cables Bought on May 6th 2007
    Twilight Princess; Zelda Bought on July 8th 2007
    Red Steel Bought on May 6th 2007
    Nun Chuck Bought on May 6th 2007
    Wii Play + Controller Bought on May 6th 2007

    Notes* The wii has Internet Brouser Wheather and News Because I got it before July, The Wii has no missing peices its Polished down no finger prints or smudges.

    How much is it worth?
    When I say the console I ment to mean that it comes with everything it would if you were to just buy the Wii brand new itself

  7. According to the guidelines it can only be reported if its illegal where you live. Its legal in two states so how do they know that person doesn’t live in one of the two states? Are they going by federal law?

    And if I ask about medical marijuana would that also be reported?

    So if i have a question about marijuana can I just put ‘medical marijuana’ to avoid being reported? As it is legal in canada

  8. I am 100% for access to good marijuana for people that are sick and could benefit from this nontoxic, healing herb. However I do not advocate recreational use. I am going to be a freshman in college next year and what to join the Students for Sensible Drug Policy organization at my school and use that as my basis to help make people more aware of the benefits of medical marijuana. I do not smoke recreationally, nor will I, but I am scared that I will be automatically be thought of as a pothead by people. What do you guys think?

  9. has anyone done this? what can be the side affects. is it safer than drugs from the doctor that havnt been around for years? have tryed everything and nothing works cept this.those of you that havent had bad morning sickness probly wont understand but it keeps food in drink down.
    this is my 2nd child and id rather labour than this any day!!! labour dosnt last for months.
    most of you are saying its bad, but none are saying why and proof of facts to back it up?? i have heard the queen used T.H.C for moring sickness???

  10. Jerosh Nagulachandran on

    Okay so Im not that smart cuz im only 15 so dont make fun of me cuz this is a dumb question kinda…I always here people talking about ohh im getting medical [marijuana] and on some videos on youtube I see people with like the medicine containers that say like “HolyWater OG NOT FOR RESALE” for example…and the people that smoke these seem to be perfectly fine…so what is medical marijuana and how do people get it and stuff if they dont have cancer and stuff I know this sounds like a dumb question but whoever can help will get the ten points! Thanks!

  11. Once upon a time I used to smoke pot. Mostly because I wasn’t a big “drinker” and chose instead, during my early college years, to reflect, regroup, and relax at home. I graduated college with high honors (both Associate Degrees as well as the very difficult Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies/ Elementary Education) Now that I have children, the reality that marijuana is illigal prevents me from ever partaking, as it’s not worth losing my family. Fast forward.
    I am now prescribed Diazepam (2 mg) ( for anxiety)Hydrocodone/ Acetominophen (5/500) Ibuprofen (600 mg) and Cyclobenzaprine (10 mg) for ongoing severe lower back pain and spasms , Flourexetine (40mg) for depression and Trazadone (50mg) for insomnia. As a former Natural Foods store worker and advocate of natural medicine, I feel that Marijuana, in a LEGAL as well as prescribed and regulated environment would be more sensible. I’m not a criminal and would like to keep it that way. Please give me your opinion. Thank you.

  12. Society says that Marijuana can help (or) possibly cure some aliments. So, what’s the difference. Doctors are perscribing what they call Medical Marijuan to some patience. That’s why in my privious question I used the word healthier than Alcohol. Theres no proof that Marijuana cause lung cancer like cigarettes does. There are other legal things that cause more fatalities than Marijuana.

  13. It does less damage to you than alcohol and Tabasco. Proven to help medically. Can help places like california get out of a recession because hemp can be used in so many ways.

    The only thing the other side has for an argument is if we legalize marijuana other drugs will try and be legalized. I think people are just so against something that was told to be horrible to them when they were young.

    I’m only 14 and when a person came to my school to talk about drugs I said all those very seriously and got a good reaction. she said “even if it is legalized than you are not allowed to posses or buy any form of it until you are 21.” “It is a bad habit to get in to and people who smoke it tend to get lower grades.” so those are true what do you think?

    bad, ,horrible, disgusting or helpful, fun, harmless

    I have absolutely no interest in trying anything. I have seen with my own eyes smoking and drinking kill families. mainly drinking.

  14. Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for October 21, 2010

    P2+ Total Day
    FNC – 1,676,000 viewers
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    9 PM – P2+ (25-54)
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    Joy Behar – 449,000 viewers (98,000)
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    “Almighty Debt” Black In America (9-11pm) —646,000 viewers (254,000)
    L. Word W/ L. O Donnell –768,000 viewers (178,000)
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    11 PM P2+ (25-54)
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    Anderson Cooper 360 – 475,000 viewers (221,000)
    Countdown w/ K. Olbermann —548,000 viewers (137,000)
    Showbiz Tonight– 250,000 viewers (79,000)

  15. My parents said that marilyn manson was on the news. and she got mad at me for liking his music because of something they said about him on there. Do you know what channel it was on and when, and if it is on the internet? Links would be helpful:) thx

  16. Here’s a little factoid that you liberals might not’ve considered. Marijuana REMAINS the number 1 killer of Males between the ages of 16 and 35. In light of this fact, do you still think it should be legal?
    Ok, Ok. You Liberals want me to provide a link? Well, your wish is my command.

  17. Malcolm Hudson on

    What purpose does cannabis have? I know it helps with nausea but what other importance does it have that people want to make it legal?

  18. i was thinking about going to oaksterdam university when i graduate. and i was wondering if i could go into a career involving that sort of stuff

  19. borabora5524 on

    I just dont get it. I mean i know people want people to have the choices, but its so bad for your health and all that. Nice answers please ;)

  20. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve heard (both in real life and here on Yahoo! Answers) people condemn someone who “self medicates” by using illegal drugs.

    Let’s use “Pot” for this example…

    I find it amusing that in the same breath (or the next sentence) a person who is condemning someone for doing Pot, will state that they’re on Anti-Depressants, Muscle Relaxers, Pain Meds, etc.

    Does anyone else find that hypocritical?

    Pot is known for being a “mood enhancer” (i.e. an Anti-Depressant), it relaxes you (i.e. a Muscle Relaxer), and it can relieve Pain.

    Sometimes the only difference between the two people is that the ones doing the legal drugs have Health Insurance, while the ones who are “self medicating” most of the time don’t.

    Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?
    It seems to me, to be a case of the kettle calling the pothead black. (I apologize, I couldn’t writing the corney joke.)


  21. Does anyone know of any solid sources for the Pro and Con arguments for the complete legalization of Marijuana? I am trying to write a mediation paper for English class and am having a tough time finding good sources. Any help is greatly appreciated

  22. nothin_nyce1 on

    Doctors in Israel are putting THC into pill form and studying it’s effectiveness.Would you agree to this use in the US.

  23. I had a friend who lived with terminal cancer for 2 years.

    The last 4 months of her life she wouldn’t have eaten anything without marijuana.

    As it helped to curb her nausea so she could hold food down.

    Can we agree on this aspect of legalizing marijuana use for medical purposes?
    Prescribed by a doctor?

  24. Franklin Bluth on

    i would like to now your opinion….
    -Should marijuana be legalized?
    -Should doctors be able to prescribe marijuana for severely ill patients?

  25. Let’s extrapolate that; there’s 60m of us in the UK; say 90% never steal from shops. Leaving 6,ooo,ooo shoplifters. Who steal £15,420 each PA.
    I refuse to believe that; and if my calculations are wrong; I challenge that “picked out of the air” £257 figure.

  26. Lasagna delivery guy on

    I go to a Christian Private school and we got to write a paper on any controversial topic we want and chose a side. So I’m writing about the legalization of recreational marijuana (medical is already legal here in oregon).

    We need 10 pages of research from websites and what not, so does anyone have any legitimate website sources talking about this subject? Nothing shady like blogs or anything. They can be biased but must be professional. feel free to give your opinions and take on it cause that could be helpful when I actually have to write the paper

  27. I’ve have depression for a little over 2 years and have been on medication for it for about half a year. I have been “self-medicating” with marijuana for 2 years as well. I have found that marijuana has helped with my depression more so than my doctor thinks. He is not exactly thrilled by the idea but I think if I argued the benefits of it enough i could get him to write me a prescription for this.

    Now my questions are as follows:
    1. Is getting a medical marijuana card/prescription the same as getting a prescription for any other type of drug or is it different?
    2. Where do you go about buying the medical marijuana because I imagine this wouldn’t be available in too many places? (i.e. does shoppers drug mart/rexall/etc. have medical marijuana)

    Anyone have their medical marijuana card and can give me some insight on this?

    sorry I forgot to mention I live in Canada (Ontario to be specific).

  28. There was a MM meeting in Montana yesterday and over 300 people showed up to get Medical Marijuana cards? I was very surprised at how many Doctors are in favor of it. I was once a staunch advocate for keeping it Criminal but after researching it, I have found out how much it really does help as opposed to using Oxycontin and Morphine for the rest of their life.

  29. I’m trying to find some unbiased sources, but every source seems to lean one way or the other. It is said that marijuana regenerates brain cells? Bullcrap. Does it cause cancer or treat it? Is it the devel’s thistle? Or the magic wonder drug?
    But is it even toxic??? I’m very confused.
    Come on people, give me some facts, some sources, something. Goodness I don’t even know why I even use this website..

  30. I have been a marijuana user and advocate for many years. I know a grate deal about growing and the medical bennifits. A few years ago I lived in AZ and spent some time trimming for a friend but never really gained any connections. I want to move from my current state, witch isn’t a mmj state to either California or Colorado in hopes of working for a dispensary or medical grow. But I guess I can’t exactly create a resume for my knowlage of pot. Nor can I go half way across the country to walk arround and ask for a job at a dispensary.
    Any experience in the pot industry will help

  31. couple weeks ago their was a report on the news about a relgion on girls having kids and getting married at a young age..some are like 12 or 13..they look like the omish.

    anybody see that?
    anybody know they name of these ppl?
    im writing about it.

  32. My system is a hp pavilion destop model t3701.uk I am currently running windows 7 x86 (32bit) ultimate ,my question is what would i be able to add a better video card to my presnet system .Is this possible and how would i go about it .I also have 2gb of ram installed on the system all advice welcome

  33. I find it odd that its less dangerous then most drugs prescribed to us but yet we can’t have it for serious illnesses.

    I was talking to a friend of mine about how I’ve had stomach issues for the past week. He explained his girlfriend had the same issues for like a month(can’t eat more then a cup full of food at a time, fill full when you’re not, if you eat more then about a cup of food you have to throw up) and was prescribed medical marijuana and she was fine within a few days.

    Pot side effects are munchies… the pills I was prescribed cause diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc…
    I am not talking about recreational use!!! I’m talking about people in real pain!

  34. I don’t want a government source skewing facts and telling me it’s an addictive brain killing cancer causing drug, and I don’t want some hippie stoner telling me it’s the holy grail.

    Any suggestions?

  35. thexbox360player on

    I am a Christian. Based on what little I know, there seems to be some indications that medical marijuana may help children and adults with certain ailments.

    Is it un-Christian or wrong if I support the legalization of the medical use of marijuana for people who legitimately can benefit from it? Explain.

  36. I read that before marijuana was legalized it was illegal to make such a website because it promotes the use of marijuana, an illegal substance. However, if I wanted to create some sort of marijuana social networking site only available to Colorado and Washington residents would that be legal? Could it be available to the public, or would it have to be restricted to Colorado and Washington?
    Does anyone know of the laws on this type of ordeal? Thank you.

    You’re welcome to leave your opinions on marijuana legalization as well. I’m interested in all perspectives.
    Why do you think they won’t intervene and why do you think that’s foolish lawmom? This country is a democracy and the states did vote for the legalization. I actually think the opposite, I would be surprised if they don’t intervene in someway and think they’ll be foolish if they do.

    And Tulip people post marijuana related posts on instagram, facebook, and twitter all the time it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

  37. diggn4richez on

    Yahoo answers reported one of my answers about the use of medical marijuana in California. The only community guideline I could probably see would be that it somehow violates the law. It certainly doesn’t in California !

  38. What’s the justification, I know the scumbags like the rush of kicking in someones door and pointing guns at innocent peoples faces, but what is their convoluted justification for doing so?

    You cowards know it’s wrong and you refuse to answer the question. So if an automobile manufacturer breaks a federal law while manufacturing their cars, say for safety, the feds attack them, and point guns at the auto workers faces?

  39. Somebody does it. Figuring there has to be some licensing, some qualifications, testing, something like that. Medical marijuana is legal in California and Michigan (and other states probably I don’t know).

  40. ok so i smoke and i know all kinds of people do. but why do people say its bad. only thing i can imagine is bad about it is that is messes up your lungs, i have better grades than last year and that is because i have been smoking more so it doesnt make you stupid.

  41. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=987&dat=19360604&id=iAsWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=yhUEAAAAIBAJ&pg=420,212607



    wont work for me anymore we are doing family history and these links were both important i had them book marked and could never print them because i was otu of ink is google down? or will i not ever be able to get these up again??? Is there any other way to find these?

  42. At night .. i would go through something called “Sleep Paralysis” . and when i go to sleep high my sleep paralysis doesnt bother me , but when im sober ..it bothers me alot..do you think a doctor would prescibe me medical marijuana for SLEEP PARALYSIS…and if i am a medical marijuana patient , does that affect me from having a high paying job ? thank you

  43. Earlier i used to see at least 2nd & 3rd page covering some news about Bangalore( though i observed anything negative happening in Bangalore ever being reported ) but for a few days i am surprised to see only adverts filled up in 2nd and 3rd pages too, plus no new about Bangalore in Bangalore Times Of India!!!
    @David i am talking about the newspaper (hard copy) not the online version..

  44. I’m making a picture advocating against marijuana for a school project. I had this great idea of having a profile of a guy smoking a blunt (very simplistic; just an outline of his head). In his head, there are the words “Weed Only Wants you.”

    The back of his head is broken off (unseen) and you can see the edges, because it’s from the side. You also see smoke coming out of the opening. You also see a football, a diploma, a picture saying Home Sweet Home, and a Beach ball, indicating that the weed has kicked everything else out.

    I thought this was a great idea, and I was pretty much done with it, but then I realized that it was really similar to what my friend was doing (i had called her to brag and she described what hers was like). Hers is similar, but it features a man drinking on one side of the picture, then a huge line down the middle (cutting his head) and a mirror image of him on the other side, but now he’s puking up all his ambitions… I’m freaking out because there is WAY too much in common for our teacher to not just call it a coincidence, which it really is!

    So what ideas do you guys have for creating a billboard? Remember that it has to be simple enough for a driver on a high way to understand, and it has to pertain to marijuana and why you should not use it. Thanks!
    True, there was alot of pro marijuana stuff that I found, but this is supposed to be about illegal use of marijuana, aka for recreation purposes. I doubt there’s any information that would strongly support using marijuana as a recreational drug.

  45. i’m interested is there any long term marijuana consequences in term s of cognition.that stuff about making you stupid, permanent damage to concentration , memory, attention…i had smoked it since 15 till my 20 every single day.please help

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